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Welcome to the Amsterdam Wrist Rules website

Traumatic injuries of the wrist are common. Although only 50% sustained a fracture of the wrist, most patients are routinely referred for radiograph. Therefore, we developed and validated the Amsterdam Wrist Rules (AWR). The Amsterdam Wrist Rules is a clinical decision rule, which aids to determine the need for a radiograph in patients with wrist trauma.

Using a number of clinical variables, the Amsterdam Wrist Rules calculates the probability of a fracture of the distal radius in adults, and the probability of a forearm fracture in children. The recommendation for making an X-ray or not is based on this probability.

For adult patients, we currently finished the implementation study. After implementation, the AWR reduces the amount of radiographs requested with 16%, without missing any clinically relevant fractures, and thereby reducing the length of stay at the Emergency Department.

The implementation study for children is still recruiting patients at the Emergency Department. The aim of this implementation study is to evaluate the impact of the Amsterdam Wrist Rules in terms of reduction of radiographs requested, costs, waiting times at the Emergency Department and any clinical relevant missed fractures. 



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